Virtual Classes

Live, Online, Instructor-led Training

Technology never stops advancing, neither should your training

Our virtual classes are in-depth, full-length, online classes. The classes are taught live by an instructor in Zoom, allowing the instructor and attendees to interact, and providing instant feedback and assistance to the attendees.

These virtual classes offer the same experience as our live classes, but without the added expense of travel and lodging. Attendees will receive instruction on forensic techniques, cell record analysis and mapping, and software, and will be given opportunities for hands-on practice with the techniques and utilities demonstrated in class, with the live assistance of the instructor.

As we always have, we encourage group viewing for the majority of our on-line training. Whether you are one person watching on a mobile device, or a whole shift watching on a projector, one registration for the live session will cover as many viewers as you wish on a single screen. At the end of the training, each viewer can take a content based quiz and print an individual certificate of attendance.

Upcoming Virtual Classes

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