This webinar download consists of two webinar recordings, “The Hidden Criminal Internet: TOR, the Darkweb and Bitcoin” and “Darkweb 2: Advanced Darkweb Investigations”, totaling 7 hours of training.


The Dark Web contains world wide web resources not indexed by search engines such as Google. Those resources are commonly only accessed via the use of computers and mobile devices running specialized software. And many times, the resources contain information or offer items that are criminal in nature. This has been the case of many well-known sites such as Silk Road, AlphaBay and more. Additionally, these sites are using digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin for monetary transactions.

This webinar will introduce the attendee to how the Dark Web works, how the sites can be accessed, and how Bitcoin is used to pay for the services offered by these resources, as well as discussing artifacts created on computers and mobile devices using these resources.



This webinar will continue our investigations into the Dark Web. The webinar will start with a brief review of the Dark Web, and how sites are accessed via TOR and other utilities. Next, numerous tips on how the Dark Web is navigated and how other resources can be used to find hidden websites and resources.  The attendee will learn about how Onion sites differ from conventional websites, how the IP address will appear to be dynamic during investigations, and other obstacles found during these investigations. The attendee will then be instructed how Cryptocurrencies are traded using digital wallets. Lastly, the attendee will be instructed on how and where to locate any possible Dark Web evidence, such as Onion sites, PGP keys, and Digital Wallets.


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The download of this webinar also includes a certificate of attendance for one viewer.  Instructions on how to access the quiz for this webinar and download a certificate will be included in the webinar recording.