RECORDED 07/03/18

This webinar will cover the aspects of extracting data from databases on Smartphones. The technology of Smartphones has changed the way forensics is done, and the mount of data stored on the devices continues to grow. A large amount of the data is being stored in files such as DB, SQL and SQLITE. Everything from website bookmarks, to voicemails dates and times, to pictures being stored in BLOB data is able to be recovered from a thorough examination. This webinar will introduce the attendee to the process of extracting data from these files, and also reveal some of the best places to look for hidden evidence. The topics covered in this webinar will cover:

What are the databases:

  •  Different types, SQL, SQLITE, DB
  •  Database structure
  •  Tables, SQLite sequence, ROWID

Where are they located:

  •  The different locations to search for them.

What type of data can be found:

  • Text content
  • BLOB data

Various tools that can recover data, including deleted

  • Free tools
  • Pay tools included in forensic tools.


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