RECORDED 09/14/18

Gone are the days when we can just arrive at a scene, pull the plug on a computer tower, and take it back to the office for forensic examination.  Now we must be prepared to identify a myriad of items, and we must be aware of situations which may necessitate significantly more complex and time-consuming evaluation on-scene.  Valuable data can be lost forever if not collected at the correct time, in the correct manner.  This webinar is intended to make investigators and responding officers aware of the types of electronic evidence that they may encounter, appropriate methods for seizing this evidence, special situations officers may encounter, and effective and appropriate tools and techniques for on-scene triage of electronic evidence.  Some of the topics we’ll discuss include:


Identification of Electronic Evidence

– Electronic evidence that doesn’t look like electronic evidence

– Mobile devices

– Supplemental devices


Seizure of Electronic Evidence

– Special considerations; can we just pull the plug?

– Mobile devices; to isolate, or not to isolate?

– Transportation/storage after seizure


On-Scene Triage of Electronic Evidence

– Wireless network identification

– Detecting encryption

– Capturing volatile memory data – RAM, router logs

– On-Scene imaging of electronic data


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