RECORDED 03/06/19


One of the most important types of evidence widely used by Law Enforcement and Private Investigators are Cellular records. Since these records are so important, it makes sense to have a tool that can accurately and reliably assist with mapping the towers, sectors and possibly even handset location data. One of the tools being trusted to do that mapping is DART® by HTCI.

DART® is a utility that allows for mapping of individual towers, or importing the entire Call Detail Record at once. Additionally, it can add ranges, azimuths and beam widths without the need of having a protractor or any other software. It also allows the user to choose between several different map options. DART® has many more capabilities, including SQLite Viewer, PList Viewer, and much more.

This webinar will introduce the attendee to the many uses of DART®, how to map cellular towers and locations, and how to use the utility as a replacement for Streets and Trips.

  • Mapping individual towers
    • Creating ranges
    • Indicating the azimuths
    • Indicating the beam widths
  • Importing complete records
    • Importing AT&T®, Verizon®, Sprint® and even custom records
    • Creating heat maps for most used towers
  • Using DART® for your cases
    • How to save / load work products
    • Creating a full map series
    • Creating reports
  • Other functions of DART
    • SQL Viewer
    • Plist viewer
    • Other features

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