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Dark Web Investigations

The Dark Web contains world wide web resources not indexed by search engines such as Google. Those resources are commonly only accessed via the use of computers and mobile [...]


Belkasoft Evidence Center – An Introduction

Please join us for a special FREE webinar training session, and learn more about Belkasoft Evidence Center   This free webinar will introduce the attendees to the many benefits [...]


On-Scene Triage of Digital Evidence

Gone are the days when we can just arrive at a scene, pull the plug on a computer tower, and take it back to the office for forensic examination.  [...]


Cellular Records Analysis: Update Fall 2020

There have been enormous changes in cellular records over the last few months.  Our fourth largest cellular provider – Sprint – has ceased to exist, the brand having been [...]


Tik Tok® Investigations and Forensics

TikTik® Investigations and Forensics This webinar will cover the many aspects of conducting investigations involving TikTok®. TikTok® is a rapidly growing social media application. Additionally, TikTok is getting a [...]


Presenting Digital Evidence in the Courtroom

Digital data can be one of the most important types of evidence during a criminal investigation. But if the examiner isn't able to properly testify to their findings, then [...]


Cellular Records Analysis and Mapping: Winter 2021

This is a five-part webinar series, airing live from January 18-22.  Your registration fee of $349 will enroll you in all five sessions; you do not need to register [...]


Social Media Investigations: Update Winter 2020

Social Media Investigations: Update Winter 2020      Social Media is a huge part of our lives.  We share content, communicate, post our locations, and link ourselves with other users.  [...]


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