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Cellular phones have become the device that stores the most pertinent and relevant data for most people. This has caused them to become one of the most valuable sources of evidence for criminal investigations. And many times, those cellular devices are prepaid from sources such as TracFone, Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Boost, MetroPCS and Cricket. This creates more work for investigators to prove ownership of the device. In this webinar the attendee will be instructed on numerous methods to prove ownership of prepaid devices and accounts. Specifically, the attendee will be instructed on the following:

What is a prepaid phone?

                MNO’s vs MVNO’s.

How to identify the true provider?

                Both free and pay services

Using the phone to prove ownership

                Accounts, passwords, social media, pictures


                Other sources of data

Using the records to prove ownership

                Call patterns

                Location patterns

Using Social Media to prove ownership

                Account details

Creating a report with this data

Trial Testimony


During the webinar, instruction will be given on how to download a copy of the instructor’s PowerPoint as well as additional resource materials pertaining to the topic.



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