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There have been enormous changes in cellular records over the last few months.  Our fourth largest cellular provider – Sprint – has ceased to exist, the brand having been discontinued in August, 2020, after merging with T-Mobile.  And the other providers are now supplying more types of data, for longer periods of time.  This is great news for us, as investigators. 

But in order to conduct a complete investigation into cellular records, we first have to know what data the providers maintain, how to ask for it from each provider, and then how to effectively interpret and evaluate the data supplied. 

This webinar will update the attendee with all the changes to provider records over the past several months, will provide up-to-date warrant language for individual providers, and will offer detailed analysis of returned data.  Topics will include:

  • AT&T records
  • Verizon Records
  • T-Mobile Records
  • Other providers


During the webinar, instruction will be given on how to download a copy of the instructor’s PowerPoint as well as additional resource materials pertaining to the topic.



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