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This is a five-part webinar series, airing live from April 20-24.  Your registration fee of $349 will enroll you in all five sessions; you do not need to register individually for the sessions.  If you wish to enroll in the series after one or more of the live sessions has already aired, you will receive links to the recordings of any sessions you missed.  The sessions are individual classes, and do not rely on previous sessions, so they can be viewed in any order without any detriment to the student.


In this webinar series the attendee will be introduced to the different types of cellular records available from the most popular wireless service providers in America. Each session will cover a different wireless network, and the specific types of data held by that network. Additionally the attendee will be supplied with search warrant language specific for each network and an example from each of the networks covered. Topics covered will range from Lucent® vs Nortel® towers, Operational vs Optimal Beam Width, Non typical tower sectors, First and Last cell sites, RTT / PCMD / NELOS, Burner apps, VOIP, as well as many other topics. In short this series will identify what is available on each network: retention periods, the wording needed to get it, and how to interpret the data. Each day will also include a demonstration of mapping techniques for that day’s provider’s records, utilizing DART/Maplink.

The five sessions will cover the following topics:

Part 1: AT&T®, Cricket® Records

Understanding the LAC / CID or eCGI
Converting from UTC time
Longitude and Latitude
Understanding Call Features
Mapping the tower and sector

Part 2: Verizon® Records

First Cell / Last Cell
Nortel vs Lucent towers
Call Types
Mapping the tower and sector

Part 3: Sprint® Records

Identifying the call sector
Motorola vs Samsung vs Ericson vs Nortel vs Lucent towers
Finding Text messages in the records
Mapping the tower and sector

Part 4: T-Mobile®, MetroPCS® Records

Locating the LAC / CID
Converting from UTC time
Text messages in the records
Mapping the accessed tower

Part 5: Other records (Tracfone, Straightalk, US Cellular, Etc) and Burner Apps, VOIP and disposable numbers.

What it means that Tracfone is an MVNO
Identifying ownership of a prepaid phone
Mapping Lucent vs Nortel on US Cell records (Dec vs Hex)
How to detect when the call was spoofed
Tracking VOIP calls

During the webinar, instruction will be given on how to download a copy of the instructor’s PowerPoint as well as additional resource materials pertaining to the topic. Each attendee will be provided with the search warrant language for each WSP, examples of each of their records, a definitions page from all WSP’s and a retention flow chart showing what types of data are stored for different lengths of time.


PLEASE NOTE: When registering for this webinar, you will see a button to pay with PayPal. Even if you wish to pay with a debit or credit card, click on this button. On the next page, you will be given the option to log into PayPal and pay. Below the login is a button that says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”. Select this button to pay by these means.


PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, registration for our live webinars also includes 30 days of access to the recording of the webinar once the live session has ended.  You may view the recording as many times as you wish from as many devices as you wish during this time. 


As we always have, we encourage group viewing for the majority of our on-line training. Whether you are one person watching on a mobile device, or a whole shift watching on a projector, one registration for the live session will cover as many viewers as you wish on a single screen. At the end of the training, each viewer can take a content based quiz and print an individual certificate of attendance.



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