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This is a live, two and a half day, in person class.


In this class the attendee will be instructed on the many different ways Cell Phones can be used in investigations. While many police officers have been using cell phones, many don’t know all of the ways that cell phones can help solve their crimes. This course will cover all of those ways, explain how to get the evidence, preserve is, and prepare it for trial. Specifically, this course will cover the following:

Day 1:
     The three types of cellular evidence
          The device
          The records
          The clouds
     Preserving all of the different types of cellular evidence
     Identifying the appropriate involved variables
          Types of phones
          Cellular Providers
          Cloud storage
     Forensic examinations of cellular devices
          Different forensic software gives different results
          What type of data to expect
          Proving ownership through the data

Day 2:
     Forensic examinations of the records
          How the networks differ
          How to read the data
          What providers can supply:
               When you have a suspect
               When you don’t have a suspect
          Mapping of locations – different location based results
          Proving ownership through the records, despite being pre-paid
          Identifying void, voicemails, call forwarding and more
     Forensic examinations of the clouds
          Which clouds are available
          What providers can supply:
               When you have a suspect
               When you don’t have a suspect
     Comparing the three types of cellular evidence
          Forensic exam of the phone, records and cloud data
               What is missing on the device that is still in the records
               What data is in the clouds that is not on the device
Day 3:
     Writing the forensic report
     Preparing the data for trial
          The best ways to display the data to the Judge and Jury
     Testifying about cellular data


During the class, instruction will be given on how to download relevant materials and resources.



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