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Forensic Examination - FAQ's
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1. What is the process of a typical digital forensic ("e-forensic") examination?


2. What is the difference between digital forensics and electronic discovery ("e-Discovery")? What service do I need?


3. If we have remote users (webmail, VPN etc.) will their home computers need to be examined?


4. What all devices can you examine?


5. Can real time forensic analysis of computer data (a.k.a. "Live Forensics") be uncovered?


6. How can you help attorneys with a case?


7. How much will it cost?


8. Can you track or monitor user activity on our network?


9. Are there any exigent circumstances that affect the examination?


10. Are there any exigent circumstances that I (or Company) may be liable for?


11. Why do I need a forensic examiner as opposed to our I.T. person?


12. What are the responsibilities of the Chief Case Examiner?


13. What makes a procedure “Forensic”?


14. How long will a typical examination take?


15. How much down time will I suffer during the examination?


16. ‘I want results to be private…'


17. Does PATCtech provide follow up on how to handle the results of a forensic examination?







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